Finance Tools

The first step in the home buying process, even before shopping for a home, is to clarify how you will pay for it.  Certainly, many people pay cash for their home purchase or use funds from the sale of their current home.  Otherwise, you will need some type of mortgage loan.  Of course, everyone knows that they want the best interest rate in shopping for a home mortgage, but there are many other critical factors in choosing a lender.  Sometimes, lenders advertise very low interest rates, but have many hidden fees involved that negate the benefits of the lower rates.  Probably the most important factor in choosing a lender is the loan officer.  A loan officer that will communicate well with the buyer, the Realtor and the closing attorney, with attention to detail throughout the transaction is critical.  We can help guide you to trusted and respected loan officers and lenders in the area with a proven performance track record to facilitate a successful mortgage loan process.

For more information on mortgage loans and choosing a lender, please refer to the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's First Time Home Buyer document.